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Object Type: Collection
In Collection: AAEC Editorial Cartoons Digital Collection


From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Jack Jurden. A bulldog labeled "Impeachment" is chasing streaking Richard Nixon through an outdoor landscape. Nixon's clothes hang in the air and litter the ground behind him. A frog in the lower right corner of the cartoon says "Streaky Dick."

From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Jack Jurden. A man with a globe for a head relaxes in an outdoor chair. Sweating, he holds a soft drink bottle labeled, "Arab-Israeli cease fire." The cartoon caption reads, "Pause that refreshes."

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A bear labeled "Russia" is sitting on the ground. From a bee hive in the background, a scent wafts toward the bear. The scent is labeled "New Geneva Conference".

From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Jack Jurden. Richard Nixon, dressed as a Pilgrim, is walking through an open field carrying a hatchet or ax labeled "Cabinet changes." He is thinking of Walter Hickel, who is drawn as a large Thanksgiving turkey with a human face. The cartoon caption reads, "Gobble gobble gobble."

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A box of cereal is labeled "Report made by Robert B. Choate." Some of this cereal is poured into a bowl, and it shoots out of the bowl making the sounds "zap,"zing,"ping,"pow," and "zam." A man wearing a bib labeled "breakfast cereal industry" has sat down to eat the cereal. The man has a black eye.

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A ship labeled "Election Reform" is pictured floating upon a sea of broken ice.

From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Jack Jurden. A bulldog with a British flag on its side is knocking on a closed door labeled "Common Market."

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A man with sagging shoulders and a weary face is sitting at a table. He holds a pencil in his right hand, which is poised over some forms. Among the forms is a page labeled "income tax" A number of dollar signs float above the man's head, and they all appear to have eyes looking down on him. The caption reads,"The eyes of taxes are upon you."

From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Jack Jurden. In the background of the cartoon, Richard Nixon leans out through the front of a television set and holds an ink pen labeled "Veto." In the foreground is an overstuffed cloth sack labeled "HEW money bill." The sack is tied at the top with a rope and has arms, legs and a face. The sack is off its feet and is sweating with the effort of trying to avoid being touched with the veto pen. The cartoon caption reads "TV spectacular."

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A mail man is carrying on his back a large sack filled with packages. He is also carrying an armful of stacked letters, and another stack is tucked under his arm. It is raining, and there are puddles pooling at his feet as he walks. The caption states,"Nothing slows down the mails - neither rain, nor storm, nor dark of night - just things like the five day week, coffee breaks, Gov. Holidays, sick leave, annual leave."

cartoon by Jack Jurden; Three kites are pictured with a leafless tree labeled "Senate" Two of the kites are punctured and hanging on branches of the tree; these two kites are labeled "Carswell" and "Haynsworth" The third kite, labeled "Blackmun," is airborne.

cartoon by Jack Jurden; In the foreground is a man labeled "Congress" who is frantically pulling at a rope that is tied around the mouth of a large bag with a dollar sign on it. A hose in the mouth the money bag leads back to the head of a rocket that is sitting on a launch pad. The rocket is labeled "Space program".

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A jar with a lid labeled "auto industry" and a cauldron labeled "insurance companies" are facing off. The jar wears and angry expression on its face and is releasing steam from beneath its lid and waving a fist at the cauldron. The cauldron, also wearing an angry expression on its face, is baring its teeth and pointing a finger at the cauldron.

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A kneeling figure with the body of a man and the face of a weary-looking train engine is dressed shabbily and knocks on a door. The figure is labeled "Penn Central trustees", and is kneeling before a doormat labeled "Congress" The caption in the snowy background says "Government takeover".

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A music conductor sits in front of the cavernous mouth of a tuba while holding sheet music entitled "Auto makers waltz" A man playing the tuba is sitting on a stool, and his face is turned toward a music stand that holds sheet music labeled "UAW march".

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A man dressed in a plaid coat and striped trousers encounters another man in a bird costume. Attached to the wing of the bird costume is a label that reads "Property of Game & Fish Commision. The caption reads "I'm on stake out".

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A giant figure with the trunk of a tree as a body and the head of a man is labeled "McCormack" Another man, dwarfed by the height of the tree, stands at the base of the trunk holding an ax in one hand while holding his other hand over his mouth. The man holding the ax is labeled "Waldie".

From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Jack Jurden. In the foreground of the cartoon, Richard Nixon is tied to railroad tracks with rope that is labeled "Demo Congress." The tracks extend toward the horizon where a large train is bearing down on Nixon. The train is labeled "72 election."

cartoon by Jack Jurden; In the foreground, a man who appears to be walking on the water is labeled "O'Brien" and is carrying the helm of a ship labeled "Democratic Party Helm" In the background is an almost fully submerged ship, rudder up.

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A figure in the foreground is dressed in papal regalia. With his finger, he plugs a cracking hole in a dam labeled "Netherlands Pastoral Council" The cracking dam is labeled "celibacy".

cartoon by Jack Jurden; Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser holds a scimitar labeled "500,000-man army." He is wearing an angry expression that is directed toward a fly whose wings display the Star of David.

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A lit candle is shown with a Star of David on the trunk. A fly is pictured near the flame, labeled "Nasser" on the wing.

cartoon by Jack Jurden; A woman in the foreground is walking away from a building with a columned portico. In one hand is a handbag emblazoned with a Star of David; money is spilling out of the sides. In her other hand is a check for five hundred million dollars. In the background, a man is waving toward the woman. The caption reads,"Nice talking with you."

From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Ed Valtman. A very tall Uncle Sam bends over at the waist, with his hands clasped behind his back, in order to look into the face of a very small Sargent Shriver, who stands on stilts. The two legs of the stilts are labeled "Kennedy" and "Legacy." The cartoon caption reads, "I first only wanted to be a candidate."

From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Ed Valtman. On a sidewalk crowded with pedestrians, a man carrying a briefcase labeled "Stock prices" is about to step into an open manhole that is marked by three cautionary flags. The man's attention is focused on his newspaper, which has headlines that read: "Peace effort fails in Middle East; South Vietnam losing central highlands; Cambodia situation hopeless." Some of the other pedestrians notice that the man is about to step into the manhole; one is concerned and one smiles.

cartoon by Ed Valtman; A man whose shirt is labeled "Connally" is pumping the handle of a water pump labeled "accelerated tax depreciation" Money in the form of bills and coins is pouring from the spout of the pump into a bucket. To the right of the pump is a man in a suit carrying another bucket full of money; the jacket of the suit is labeled "business" In the background of this scene stands a line of men. The caption reads,"C'mon, men, lend a hand! I told you helping business would help employmen! [sic]"

From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection; Cartoon by Ed Valtman. The upper floors of the United Nations building are shown, with a number of people hanging out the windows. One person, labeled South Africa, has apparently been pushed out of a window filled with a group of people, and is falling. The same group is trying to push out another person who is wearing a hat with a Star of David on the brim. In another window, Henry Kissinger squats in a diving position and warns, "If you don't behave, I'll jump out!" Other people in windows look on and cheer.

cartoon by Ed Valtman; In an office, there is desk with a calendar labeled "Congress" In front of the desk, a man sits on a chair labeled "Salary Rise" The chair has a lever on the side, which has spiraled the man high into the air, almost to the ceiling of the office. The caption reads,"Don't you worry - we're in control of the inflationary spiral".

cartoon by Ed Valtman; In the background, the capitol building is pictured with two other Washington, D.C., landmarks. In the foreground, two runners are pictured. The runner to the left, labeled "Surtax Extension," is pictured reaching behind him for a baton. The runner to the right, labeled "Tax Reform," has just dropped a baton labeled "Tax Reform" The caption reads,"Oops!"

cartoon by Ed Valtman; Inside a train station, the arrivals and departures board indicates that the train "Integration Express" from Washington to Mississippi is "Late 3 Months." A number of people of both African-American and Caucasian ethnicity are pictured milling about the inside of the train station. An African-American man standing with his children states,"It's a Helluva Way to Run a Railroad."

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