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The Paul B. Johnson Family Papers collection span the political careers and personal lives of Mississippi's only father and son governors -- Paul Burney Johnson, Sr. (1940-1943) and Paul Burney Johnson, Jr. (1960-1964).

This collection consists of letters, certificates, and medals written and awarded to Courtney L. Frobenius for his service in the Vietnam War, as well as detailed maps, copies from books, memoirs, and speeches concerning those involved.

This collection contains Associated Press Wire Service bulletins regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

The Alexander Melvorne Jackson papers contain correspondence and records pertaining to a wide variety of subjects. These include family concerns, Mississippi politics, the Mexican War, the New Mexico Territory, the Arizona Campaign of the Civil War and Texas Politics.

This collection contains civil rights materials collected by Matthew Zwerling and his family from 1963 to 1965. The bulk of the material documents Zwerling's activities as a Freedom Summer volunteer in Clarksdale, Mississippi during 1964.

The Charles A. Marx Papers is comprised of materials that document the long and distinguished public service career of Dr. Charles Alvin Marx. Records include data regarding Dr. Marx's service with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, The Mississippi Attorney General's Office, the Office of the Governor, The Mississippi State Tax Commission, and The University of Southern Mississippi.

This collection consists of a letter from G. Bomford of the United States Army Ordnance Department in Washington, D.C. to Mississippi Congressman William Haile.

The Jefferson Davis Soldiers' Home Records consists of records of the Jefferson Davis Soldiers' Home, located at Beauvoir in Biloxi, Mississippi. The bulk of the material dates from 1944 to 1954. It documents the operation of the home and includes records of the home's board of directors and superintendents, as well as payroll and budget records, and inmate files.

The William M. Colmer Papers encompasses his forty-year career as a United States Congressman from Mississippi. Inclusive dates are approximately 1906–1980.

The Jones S. Hamilton Pamphlet collection consists of a pamphlet printed in 1888 by Jones S. Hamilton following his acquittal for the murder of Roderick Gambrell. The nineteen-page document, entitled "Personal," is a collection of telegrams and letters received by Jones Hamilton congratulating him on his acquittal.

The Jefferson Davis Letters consists of two letters written to and from Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865.

One letter written April 7, 1850, by Winfield Scott Featherston (United States House of Representatives 1847-1851) to an unidentified person. The letter is a reply to a letter which Featherston had received asking for the appointment of Mr. Brownrigg as a cadet. Featherston stated that he had already conferred the appointment on Mr. Davis of Aberdeen, Mississippi, before the letter was received.

This collection consists of honors, awards, photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia concerning the life and charity of philanthropist Oseola McCarty.

an autobiography written by Confederate Brigadier-General Mark Perrin Lowrey on September 30, 1867, at Ripley, Mississippi, to Colonel Calhoun Benham.

The Hattiesburg Municipal Records collection consists of materials that document the operation of the city from approximately 1885 to 1991 including surviving files of mayors' records, city commissioners' records, city clerks' files, Circuit Court cost allocation records, public school records, city engineers' and street foremen's records, marshals' reports, pound keepers' reports, city funds reports, petitions, lists of land sold for taxes, property tax evaluations, water and sanitary reports, and numerous photographs portraying city projects, various floods, and scenes of city life.

The Thomas Spight Letters consists of fifteen handwritten letters, three pages from Thomas Spight's diary, two envelopes and a death announcement for Mattie Gilliam. Thomas Spight was a Confederate Army veteran and Mississippi House of Representatives congressman.

The William Westerman Document collection consists of a contract agreement between William Westerman and twelve individuals of Warren County, Mississippi, in which Westerman agrees to teach the children of the signers at a rate of $2.50 per child, per month, for a total of ten months.

The Jacob Thompson Speech collection consists of a printed copy of a speech delivered on January 9, 1848 by Jacob Thompson (U. S. Representative from Mississippi, 1839-1851) to the U. S. House of Representatives, questioning the facts concerning the need for more troops for the Mexican War.

This collection consists of materials that document the Delta Ministry Project of the National Council of Churches, and Jill Wakeman Goodman's activities in conjunction with the project. Also in the collection are materials that pertain to the Civil Rights Movement, in general.

The Albert Sidney Johnston Letter collection consists of letter, dated December 2, 1849, from Brazoria County Texas, written by Albert Sidney Johnston to "General R. Jones, Adj. General, U.S. Army", and concerns Johnston's appointment as a paymaster in the United States Army.

The Samuel Jameson Ghoson Letter collection consists of a letter, dated April 13, 1863, from Verona, Mississippi, addressed to Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles, Columbus, Mississippi, from Samuel J. Gholson recommending Captain J.F. White, as opposed to Major Inge, for command of certain troops in a portion of General Ruggles' First Military District during the American Civil War.

This collection consists of photographs and personal reminiscences of Civil Rights activist Umoja Kwanguvu's experiences as a Freedom School teacher in 1964, as well as photographs taken during the 35th anniversary of the Freedom Summer celebration that took place at The University of Southern Mississippi, June 5 - 7, 1999.

This collection consists of a letter from James Whitfield to W.H. (Henry) Buchannon of Columbus, Mississippi, written in New York on October 19, 1838, concerning a buying trip Whitfield was conducting for his mercantile business.

This collection consists of materials that document the Civil Rights Movement and Freedom Summer in Holly Springs, Mississippi, including biographical information regarding Freedom Summer volunteers, photographs, correspondence, subject files, printed materials, and artifacts.

Thirteen letters written in May, June, and July 1862 by John Q. Adams to his wife Sarah ("Kate") from military campsites at Shiloh, Tenn., and in northern Mississippi, specifically the areas of Pope, Farmington, Corinth, Booneville and Big Springs.

The Daisy Harris Wade Papers collection consists of materials that document civil rights activities in Hattiesburg and Forrest County during the 1960s, including materials relating to the Forrest County Branch of the NAACP (ca. 1958-1968), the Forrest County Action Committee for 1967 and 1974, and newspaper clippings, publications, magazine articles, and other documents that pertain to civil rights leaders and civil rights issues in Mississippi, and elsewhere in the South.

The Sullivan-Kilrain Fight Collection consists of documents and photographs concerning the last professional bare-knuckle championship boxing match in America, between heavyweight champion, John L. Sullivan and the challenger, Jake Kilrain, held on Monday, July 8, 1889, in the small sawmill community of Richburg, Mississippi.

The Joseph Reid Anderson Letter collection consists of a letter written on Tredegar Iron Works stationery by Joseph Anderson, president and owner of Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia, to Messrs. Niel, Davidson & Co. in New York with a check for $65.45.

This collection consists of a letter written by Milton W. "Milt" Shaw, a member of the 5th Iowa Volunteer Regiment, on March 10, 1863, to his friend Alf Giague in Birmingham, Iowa.

This collection contains photographs taken by Candy Brown Gonzalez in Mississippi during her time as a Mississippi Freedom Summer Project volunteer in 1964.

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