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Historical Manuscripts and Photographs Digital Collection

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This collection consists of letters, certificates, and medals written and awarded to Courtney L. Frobenius for his service in the Vietnam War, as well as detailed maps, copies from books, memoirs, and speeches concerning those involved.

The Granville W. and Mary Caroline Belcher Letters contain correspondences between Granville, a confederate soldier, and his wife Mary.

The Charles F. Heartman Papers collection consists of documents chronicling the life and career of Charles F. Heartman, a well known antiquarian book dealer and one of the foremost authorities on rare Americana of his time, from about 1893 until his death in 1953.

This collection contains materials from Mississippi's first female Lieutenant Governor, Evelyn Gandy’s, personal and political life, speeches, women’s advancements, newspaper articles, Gandy family information, property information, films and tapes, photographs, memorabilia, and scrapbooks.

The Hattiesburg Historic Photographs Collection contains a large assortment of photographs and other materials documenting the progress and development of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

This collection consists of a petition containing 91 signatures of persons from Mississippi and other states asking the U.S. Congress to pass a law setting up a tribunal near the land offices of speculators selling land which was already inhabited to "scrutinize" claims.

This collection consists of an affidavit signed by Isaac Johnson, in the presence of the Adams County magistrate, Samuel Brookes, concerning the ownership of a female slave named Jin, or Jane.

This collection consists of two 8x10 black & white photographs of the public hanging of Will Mack, which took place July 23, 1909 in Brandon, Mississippi.

This collection contains photographs, negatives, maps, slides, and manuscripts produced by the scientists and support staff at the Harrison Experimental Forest Station from 1924-1993. In addition, numerous photographs are also included from the Genetics Lab in Gulfport, Mississippi, which served as the operational center for the Southern Institute of Forest Genetics from 1960 - 1992. Other significant contents include photographs from the aftermath of both Hurricanes Camille and Frederick, as well as numerous scenes from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, mostly from the 1970's and 1980's.

Customs form for the Confederate States of America recording the shipment of whiskey via the Mississippi Central Railroad to J. P. Atkinson at Holly Springs, Mississippi, dated 13 May 1861.

This collection contains slides and papers from Rev. Dr. Iain Whyte’s time in Greenville and Jackson as a Mississippi Freedom Summer Project volunteer in 1964.

The Alexander G. McNutt Letters collection contains three original, signed letters from Alexander G. McNutt, former Governor of Mississippi, concerning Kentucky and political appointments.

This collection consists of advertisements for tourist destinations throughout the United States, with the vast majority located in the American South.

This collection consists of one United States Land Patent dated February 23, 1821, containing a title to 160 acres of land in Washington County in the present state of Alabama for Bookajah Smith.

This collection consists primarily of materials that document Zoya Zeman's activities as a student volunteer in Clarksdale, Mississippi, during Freedom Summer. The majority of the items in the collection date from 1964 and after.

The Eugene Talmadge Pamphlets collection consists of five campaign pamphlets for Eugene Talmadge in his 1942 race for re-election as governor of Georgia and a photograph of white and negro members of the Union of Georgia, an organization which promoted racial equality in the South.

This collection contains a letter from members of the Columbus Riflemen dated April 21, 1900, addressed to Miss Anna Banks and acknowledges that the United Daughters of the Confederacy have set aside April 27th as a special day to honor Confederate dead.

This collection consists of documentation and evidence collected by Assistant District Attorney Robert B. Helfrich concerning the prosecution of former Ku Klux Klan members Sam Bowers and Charles Noble for the 1966 murder of Vernon F. Dahmer, Sr. in Forrest County, Mississippi.

The Thomas C. Prescott Letter collection consists of one letter written on December 11, 1864, by Thomas C. Prescott, a soldier in the 8th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment, to his friend, Cyrus, a member of the 13th New Hampshire Regiment, during the American Civil War.

The Bob Hubbard Hurricane Camille Photographs collection consists of 26 color photographs which depict homes and buildings of historic and social significance in the Bay St. Louis/Waveland area of Mississippi before and after Hurricane Camille on August 17 and 18, 1969.

The Merry B. Harris Papers collection consists of important letters and documents from lawyer and Confederate soldier Merry B. Harris ranging from 1860-1862.

This collection consists of a communication from Peter B. Starke, commissioner from Mississippi, to the Virginia General Assembly, dated March 1860, requesting the Virginia General Assembly to give him an answer as to whether Virginia will participate in South Carolina's proposed convention of Southern states, whose purpose was to discuss a union (not disunion or secession) which the North would respect.

This collection consists almost exclusively of materials that document the college career of Margaret Thatch Hinton, a majority of which relate to the "Know Mississippi Better" tour train of 1927 - 1928.

The John Duncan Letter collection consists of a letter dated December 15, 1863, from John Duncan in Jackson, Mississippi, to Confederate Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles, Commander of the Confederate Army in Columbus, Mississippi, concerning two women, Mrs. Newman and Miss Byers, whom Duncan and his niece helped to cross into Federal territory in Mississippi.

The Purvis Tornado Photographs collection consists of sixty-three photographs of scenes of destruction in the town of Purvis, Mississippi, on April 24, 1908, when the town was hit by a tornado.

The Erle E. Johnston, Jr. Papers consists of materials that document Mississippi journalist and politician Erle Johnston's personal life and professional activities from approximately 1922 through his death in 1995.

This collection consists of a one-page document dated December 4, 1871 and drafted by the Mississippi State Legislature, requesting the return of Federal lands first granted in 1856 for the purpose of building the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad.

This two letter collection includes letters written by Mansfield Lovell, a Major General in the Confederate Army, to his wife and to his son.

This collection consists of a pamphlet entitled "Report of the Committee on the Public Lands on a Resolution to Inquire into the Expediency of Confirming Claims to Land in the Mississippi Territory Founded on Spanish Warrants of Survey," dated May 29, 1812.

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