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M368 Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection

This collection consists of correspondence and materials from 1964 to 1966, which document Michael J. Miller's tenure as a fulltime staff member on the Student Nonviolent Student Coordinating Committee (SNCC) from 1962 to 1966, specifically his experience with the Mississippi Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), Freedom Summer of 1964, Freedom Schools, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), and on other SNCC-related activities in Mississippi and in other states.

M371 Shonholtz (Raymond) Freedom Summer Memoir

This collection consists of a three-page memoir of Raymond Shonholtz's experiences as a Mississippi Freedom Summer volunteer during the summer of 1964, as well as other memorabilia.

M376 Hamlett (Ed) White Folks Project Collection

This collection consists of general letters and correspondence, daily reports, minutes, applications, articles, booklets, and photographs concerning the Ed Hamlettt White Folks Project, including a 45-minute videotaped interview with the sister of a WFP volunteer.

M380 Hardy (William H. and Sallie J.) Papers

The William H. and Sallie J. Hardy Papers consists of original and duplicate correspondence, photographs, video tapes, newspaper clippings, scrapbook pages, and memorabilia from William H. and Sallie J. Hardy.

M393 McCain (William D.) Pamphlet Collection

This collection consist of pamphlets, collected by Dr. William D. McCain from 1955 to 1975, concerning communism, civil rights, desegregation, and other race-related matters. Also included are several books, reports and speeches, one broadside, and an audio cassette and a typescript of a speech.

Accessioned Manuscripts

The Accessioned Manuscripts Collection contains items from various processed collections which have not yet received their personal collection code.

M137 Wilbur W. Stout Papers

M152 Wilson (Augusta Jane Evans) Letter

The Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Letter collection consists of a signed autographed letter addressed to Major Walthall and dated Mobile, January 4, 1889, expressing Evans' appreciation of Confederate Major-General Edward Cary Walthall's compliments of her book "Infelice".

M153 Kitson (John) Letters

The John Kitson Letters collection consists of four letters written between February 1826 and March 1837 concerning legal matters and Kitson's profession.

M162 County Institutes – Programme and Syllabus

This collection consists of two printed booklets, dated 1892 and 1893, intended for use by teachers who attended a County Institute, an early workshop held in school districts throughout Mississippi.

M165 Great Britain, Parliament

This collection contains two acts of the English Parliament which were passed in 1653.

M166 Burnet (John) Certficate of Survey

This collection consists of a certificate of survey for a 130 acre tract of land in the Natchez District of Mississippi owned by John Burnet.

M169 Railroad Collection

The Railroad Collection documents various aspects of the national railroad industry from approximately 1850 to 1967.

M174 Newspaper Collection

The Newspaper Collection consists of a variety of issues from multiple publications throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

M176 Gholson (Samuel Jameson) Letter

The Samuel Jameson Ghoson Letter collection consists of a letter, dated April 13, 1863, from Verona, Mississippi, addressed to Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles, Columbus, Mississippi, from Samuel J. Gholson recommending Captain J.F. White, as opposed to Major Inge, for command of certain troops in a portion of General Ruggles' First Military District during the American Civil War.

M180 Talmadge (Eugene) Pamphlets

The Eugene Talmadge Pamphlets collection consists of five campaign pamphlets for Eugene Talmadge in his 1942 race for re-election as governor of Georgia and a photograph of white and negro members of the Union of Georgia, an organization which promoted racial equality in the South.

M182 Hardy (William H. and Hattie L.) Papers

The William H. and Hattie L. Hardy Papers consists of scrapbooks, memorial books, photographs, and correspondences between Captain William Hardy, Confederate soldier, lawyer, and founder of the cities of Hattiesburg, Gulfport, and Laurel Mississippi, and his wife Hattie.

M188 Virginia Governor’s Communication Enclosing a Communication from the Commissioner from Mississippi

This collection consists of a communication from Peter B. Starke, commissioner from Mississippi, to the Virginia General Assembly, dated March 1860, requesting the Virginia General Assembly to give him an answer as to whether Virginia will participate in South Carolina's proposed convention of Southern states, whose purpose was to discuss a union (not disunion or secession) which the North would respect.

M189 Virginia Governor’s Communication Enclosing the Credentials of the Commissioner from Mississippi

This collection consists of one printed pamphlet in four parts: a preface by Virginia Governor Letcher, a letter from Peter B. Starke, a letter from Mississippi Governor Pettus, and resolutions of the Mississippi legislature.

M191 Johnson (Paul B.) Family Papers

The Paul B. Johnson Family Papers collection span the political careers and personal lives of Mississippi's only father and son governors -- Paul Burney Johnson, Sr. (1940-1943) and Paul Burney Johnson, Jr. (1960-1964).

M070 Camp (David A.) Letters

The David A. Camp Letters collection consists of seven letters, dated from August 5, 1862 to April 22, 1863, from David A. Camp, a captain in the Confederate Army, to his wife Anna. Also included in this collection is a copy of a three-page manuscript history of Lumberton, Mississippi.

M069 Foote (Henry Stuart) Letter and Autograph

The Henry Stuart Foote Letter and Autograph collection consists of a letter written August 20, 1853, by Foote in response to George H. Morrow's request for information about the relationship between Lynn Boyd and Henry Clay, who had just died, and a short biographical sketch of Foote with his signature, apparently clipped from another document, affixed to the top of the page.

M068 McNeely (Lewis) Letter

The Lewis McNeely Letter collection consists of one autographed letter dated March 10, 1849, containing Lewis McNeely's request to Rev. Eli F. Cooley in Trenton, New Jersey, for release from the New Brunswick (New Jersey) Presbytery in order to preach to the congregations of Otockaloffa (i.e., Water Valley) and Centre.

M067 McNutt (Alexander G.) Letters

The Alexander G. McNutt Letters collection contains three original, signed letters from Alexander G. McNutt, former Governor of Mississippi, concerning Kentucky and political appointments.

M066 Whitfield (James) Letter

This collection consists of a letter from James Whitfield to W.H. (Henry) Buchannon of Columbus, Mississippi, written in New York on October 19, 1838, concerning a buying trip Whitfield was conducting for his mercantile business.

M065 United States Army Fourth Military District Documents

This collection contains two printed rosters of the distribution of officers and companies of the Fourth Military District, Department of Mississippi, dated November 1, 1868, and February 1, 1869.

M063 Quitman (John Anthony) Letter

This collection consists of one letter dated June 10, 1850, from John A. Quitman, Governor of Mississippi (1835-1836; 1850-1851) to "His Excellency, Governor of Connecticut, " stating that two copies of the laws passed during the recent legislative session of Mississippi were being forwarded by mail.

M062 Columbus Riflemen, Company “C”, First Regiment

This collection contains a letter from members of the Columbus Riflemen dated April 21, 1900, addressed to Miss Anna Banks and acknowledges that the United Daughters of the Confederacy have set aside April 27th as a special day to honor Confederate dead.

M061 Garner (George G.) / Ruggles (Daniel) Message

This collection consists of a letter sent by George G. Garner, Assistant Adjutant-General of Bragg's Second Corps from Jackson, Tennessee, to Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles at Corinth, Mississippi, dated 9 March 1862, ordering General John King Jackson to command the Third Division at Grand Junction, Tennessee.

M060 Brandon (Gerard Chittocque) Letter

This collection consists of a letter of January 9, 1829, from Gerard C. Brandon, governor of Mississippi, to John Murphy, governor of Alabama, requesting an answer to a letter of the preceding October concerning unsettled accounts between Alabama and Mississippi.

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